E Business Solutions

At Afterdoor Solutions’s, we make use of technology to innovate and generate business-focused solutions for your business needs. We help our customers in transforming their old business models to e-business models and help them experience the pride of being a modern enterprise. The global customers often require a connection from their in-home business management systems to the web or to the intranet or desktop applications with web applications.

To succeed in e-business, any company must have a stunning web site that can communicate & fascinate customers, and to promote their own products, and securely handle business transactions. Also, it requires the capability to efficiently deliver maximum performance to a highly variable number of users

We offer, the following services:

Project planning and consulting services
Project management
Customize our solutions to meet customer specific business logic needs
Integrate our solutions into customer legacy systems and business processes
Architect the database structure of an e-Business
Enhance your system over time to meet your ever changing needs

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