Game Design Outsourcing

Why go for Afterdoor Solution’s for game outsourcing?

Afterdoor Solutions has a team of skilled and professional game developers who artistically develop games which meet customer needs and expectations at an affordable cost. Our team of skilled concept artists and illustrators convert your ideas into 2D concepts and Illustrations based upon your inputs and references.

Game development outsourcing allows Afterdoor Solutions to use the latest technology without having to incur high equipment and software costs.This is more profitable than having to develop games or parts of them by your own company.

Infact, the constant growth and the complexity of innovational solutions in the IT business, makes the cost of work of highly skilled specialists steadily increases. Outsourcing with Afterdoor Solutions makes the resources more affordable for many companies. You can react quickly and stay flexible to the changes in the marketplace.
Our services in game design

  • 2D and 3D animations
  • 3D modeling
  • Special effects
  • Presentation & show animations
  • Engineering animations
  • Product, Logo and Brand animations

Also, We do:

  • Story-play animations
  • Simulator animations
  • Science-related presentation animations
  • Morph targeting & more

Advantages of game design outsourcing with Afterdoor Solutions

  • Along with getting high quality software adapted for your specific needs, you receive support and maintenance by us.
  • You can cut your investments in non-capital assets. We help you to redistribute your investments and move the funds into strategically promising directions, saving on secondary ones.
  • Your overhead costs are decreased.
  • We have experience of solving similar tasks, so they can apply most modern technologies and highly qualified personnel to complete your project.
  • Outsourcing with Afterdoor Solutions saves time. It helps game developers and video game publishers to meet milestones and sometimes doubles the speed of the work.